bankbutlr provides you with an international bank account for your personal or corporate needs, selected from 300+ banks, matching your predefined profile. Discover the best bank for you, directly open your international bank account online and save all agent costs, while your sensitive information is safe at all times.


Are you looking for a reliable international bank account for personal use, investments abroad or an international operating company? We connect you to the best international banks matching your profile, selected from 300+ banks within our network. Receive multiple matching offers via e-mail and open your bank account online, directly with your preferred bank. We will refund your money if we can't provide you with at least 10 matching international banks.


Discover the best matching offers from over 300 international banks, selected by us depending on your predefined search profile. The banks we work with all carry a full banking license (Class A) and are well established institutions for international banking. We provide you with direct access to all banking partners matching your criteria via e-mail. You can then select your preferred banking partner and directly open an international bank account online.


When opening international bank accounts with common online agencies and banking service providers your sensitive private and corporate information’s security is always at stake. An agent can fully access your private and corporate information, e.g. financial status and objectives. We provide you with direct access to international banks, which means the only parties that will know and store your sensitive information are you and the bank. We only need a few details.


When you open an international bank account through common agencies costs can often exceed several hundred euros or more and you can usually select from 2-3 banks only. bankbutlr delivers the best offers from 300+ international banks to your e-mail inbox within 72 hours so you can comfortably compare and then directly open an international bank account with your preferred bank online. We offer more service for a fraction of the standard costs.